Affiliates Information and Terms

Discover the advantages of advertising for SuperSoccerShop:

Thank you for your interest in the SuperSoccerShop Affiliate Program, an online shop that selling products with the high traffic niche in today's market!  We are committed to providing our affiliates with attractive commissions and products that consumers love.

SuperSoccerShop is an online web store that selling wide range of soccer, football merchandises.  The site launched in 2006 and has physical stores in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia

Since the launched of our affiliate program, we have paid out total of $68,523 (as of Jan 2016) to our affiliates.

Why advertising for SuperSoccerShop:

1) soccer, football niche has always produce high traffic due to the popularity of the sport and fans base around the world. According to google, there are 3.5 billion soccer, football fans around all continents. Manchester United alone already have close to 700 million fans worldwide.

2) we have always paid out commissions to our affiliates account on time because we believe in good relationship bringing great success.

3) our web store have over thousands of products for you to advertise.

4) e-commerce products are always in demand and therefore it is a long term profits commissions for affiliates

5) each of our average sale is $100+ with monthly sale orders of over 1000+

6) our products price are competitive comparing our competitors

7) promotions and discount to attract customers from time to time

8) various tools for advertising such as banners, links, and more

9) dedicated customer support of 24/7

10) customers targeted is worldwide


- 6% Starting Commissions - Higher Commission % is Available for Top affiliates 

- Data Feed (we currently have google feed, ebay network feed, bing feed ready)

- 3 months tracking cookie

- monthly commissions payout

- top 3 affiliates will be rewarded with addition 10% of total payout commissions.